Inspiration & ideas for you

Solutions are not just "solutions". We kindly ask you to indicate to us, which result you expect and will go for. To inspire you, we need to be inspired by you. All planning must necessarily be mutual to get results, which we all will be proud of!  

The creative mind

Your creativity is the result of how you think and how you use your mind. Practicing the habits of creative thinking allows you to break the barrier of what's achievable. Better freelancing skills, better clients, better human relatonships and the ability to get through tough situations are just a few of the things creative thinking brings.

We know the relevant creative persons to get you the best match ever. We use highly professional programmes to free your creativity via individual and challenging event design.


As a major trend of the times, it seems that Scandinavia has unusually much to offer mankind of today around the World in design, art, culture, history, unspoiled nature & environment, modern management, welfare and lifestyle.

We invite you to meet the secrets behind the Scandinavian successes, we can show how it can develop new potentials for you.

We have our roots in times of the Vikings, when visibility into the world, respect for each other and everyone else really mattered. These and many other basic values might open your eyes to new possibilities?

Rome & Sicily

The best cure for rootlessness, lack of cultural awareness, uncertainty about your own idendity and the lack of historical knowledge is a meeting with the timelessness of Rome or the cultural melting pot in Sicily.

The connection between the Roman Empire and the present is much stronger than you might think. We can help you to face up to this - and give you the opportunity to develop new potentials based on this knowledge.