About us

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The Scandinavian way - today an attractive model around the World inspired by the Vikings

    - in design, in management, in lifestyle as such we simply learn you what's behind our company name: "Carpe Diem IvS"

Who are we


"Incentive Solution Scandinavia" is a trade mark, and both the trade mark and the company are ownd by "Carpe Diem IvS". Mr. Stig Colbjoern Nielsen is our memory, our inspirer, the company's project coordinator and guarantor for the right match when people need to meet professionally or personally. We are networking for each separeate project regardless the kind of project, and you'll always meet the best qualified &  relevant person and we'll never forget to introduce the person to you.


 In 2018, "Carpe Diem IvS" bought, among other things, the brand "Incentive Solution Scandinavia"

How we work

By projects and matrix only. This to make sure, we always can offer you the utmost resources and most qualified key-persons. This is also your guarantee for individual and "taylor made" solutions what so ever. You may find cheaper solutions or faster solutions elsewhere. We take you and your oppinion very serious, we simply respect you. We do not take projects, which we are not sure will meet all your expectations - i.e. you might get a "no, thank you!" from us, when placing an order.